A Golden Rule For Businesses Using Facebook

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April 30, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Quit moaning about Facebook only showing your updates to a fraction of your ‘LIKES’ and start doing it better.

Always remember this:

Someone clicking LIKE on your page is them sending a signal to Facebook that they are interested in you.

So Facebook starts CONSIDERING showing them your posts in their News Feed.

If that person continues to engage with your business by liking, commenting and sharing any individual post that makes it to their News Feed, Facebook will show more of them.

If they don’t, Facebook will continue CONSIDERING showing them your posts in their News Feed but will take into account the fact that they are not exactly blown away by your stuff.

That’s it. There’s no conspiracy. Either say good stuff, pay, or spend your time doing something else.

Maybe you’re not sure what ‘good stuff’ is, and that’s something our social media training workshop on May 30th can help with.

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