How To Do Retail Wrong By WHSmith


April 28, 2014 by Colin Kelly

WHSmith will be gone from Braehead Shopping Centre from 30th April.

And a good thing too.

The store has been a horribly designed mess for the last few years. A terrible layout and worn bits of carpet everywhere.

I’ve no idea how anyone can screw up selling newspapers, magazines, sweets, books, games and CDs/DVDs (some of my favourite things) but they certainly have.

I’m surprised they’re keeping their other stores because they are just as bad.

Everything about this company screams horrible customer service and it’s nothing to do with the staff who in my experience are always friendly and helpful.

But from the self serve tills, to the airport stores that force you to show your boarding card before they’ll sell you anything, to the horrible layout and poor state of the furnishings – WHSmith I declare you an absolute disgrace to retail.

Bring back John Menzies. They knew how to do it right.

2 thoughts on “How To Do Retail Wrong By WHSmith

  1. jcollins368 says:

    “…and would you like to buy a big bar of chocolate for 50p with this purchase?”

    “No. I already have a can of ginger”.

    Annoying and delaying. They’re hopeless.

  2. Colin Kelly says:

    well said JC. I’d forgotten about the giant chocolate nonsense! Amazingly, back in 1996, WHSmith was so sharp and in touch they actually had honesty boxes at their railway station shops. So if you just wanted a paper and magazine etc they trusted you to pay for it yourself. Now, you have to wrestle with their self serve nonsense while the member of staff sweeps the floor. What a waste.

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