Stop Hiding Behind ‘A Spokesperson’

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April 23, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Today’s Paisley Daily Express front page tells the story of another business in the town, forced to close its doors as the town centre declines.

The business owner gave extensive quotes, talked about how sorry he was to be closing the doors for the final time, discussed the history of the business, and talked at length about the challenges facing anyone trying to do business in Paisley town centre these days.

As it should, the newspaper took this story to Renfrewshire Council, before publishing it, and asked for their response.

And what did they get?

Emotion? Empathy? Passion?

Not a bit of it.

A boring, soulless, corporate quote attributed to ‘a spokesperson’.

What kind of message does that send to the business owner, the newspaper and the public who read the article?

‘No-one here cares enough to put their name to this’ is what I took from it.

My golden rule, in the majority of situations, ‘A spokesperson says’…really means…’No-one says’.

Renfrewshire Council, I’m disappointed in you.

I thought you cared. I know you care.

But that quote smacks of ‘we can’t be arsed’.

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