Use Linkedin Publisher To Boost Your Blog

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April 9, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Linkedin recently allowed all its members to use its ‘Publisher’ facility which means you can write blog posts and Linkedin will push them out through the site, helping you reach a wider audience.

If you haven’t had one already, you’ll soon receive a message from Linkedin inviting you to join.

All very flattering but you’ll quickly realise it’s a smart way of Linkedin getting YOU to create more content for IT!

So where does that leave your blog?

I want the extra audience Linkedin helps me reach, but not at the expense of my own blog, which I control and where I’ve built up a reasonable audience over the last 3 years.

Jumping into Publisher with both feet and neglecting your own platform means you become reliant on Linkedin and risk being forced to pay if they ever do a Facebook and start throttling posts etc.

So I want both.

But I can’t write exactly the same post on Linkedin as I do on my blog because it’ll upset my audience and if Google realises I’m duplicating content my blog will get penalised.

So here’s the answer: Write your blog post, on your own blog and publish.

Then, on Linkedin Publisher, write a summary of what you’ve just blogged about, using quite different words and still giving value, and link that post to you blog.

Now you get the best of both worlds, and as Google starts paying more attention to social sharing and recognises a ‘quality’ link to your blog from Linkedin, you might even get an SEO boost.

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