Throwback Thursday: How I Saw Twitter 5 Years Ago

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March 28, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Searching through my email inbox  I came across this questionnaire I was asked to fill out back in March 2009. Twitter was about to hit its ‘massive growth’ phase and I’d been on it for about a year. What interests me now is how close I apparently came to giving up on it in the early days and how I’d have been willing to have as much as 1 Tweet in 10 in my feed a paid for advert. I’m not sure I’d be so tolerant now!
Also this is well before I started using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, hence my reliance on the ‘search feature’.
Q1 Real name / Twitter user name
Colin Kelly colinkelly
Q2 Location
Glasgow, Scotland
Q4 Bio
Radio presenter.
Q5 When did you start using Twitter and how were you introduced to it?
April 2008 following a feature at and recommendation by Jemima Kiss of The Guardian
Q6 What are the main reasons you use Twitter (e.g. business, marketing, fun, community etc)?
Above all fun but it’s a tremendously powerful resource and more so every day. It raises my profile and gives me great insight for my radio show. Also I can get closer to my audience and inside their heads and find out what they’re talking about and doing. I’ve also broken 2 major news stories as a result of following Twitters.
Q7 What aspects of Twitter do you love?…
It’s so vast and insightful. I can search for concert reviews when I play a band who’ve been on in the area we broadcast too. I can test items I’m going to run on my show that I hope will get a reaction. I can go on air armed and prepared with information I could previously have never dreamed off. It’s transforming my show. The search feature is a God-send.
Q8 …and dislike (if any)?
It can be tricky remembering about replies and direct messages and what you’ve sent to who!
Q9 If you could make changes to Twitter what would they be?
Make it more stable. It still goes down a lot. There needs to be an easy, standard “what the hell do I do with this” section for newcomers. Also, some method of verifying celebrities.
Q10 What Twitter apps do you use to Tweet from? (e.g. main Twitter site/ Twitterriffic / Tweetdeck etc)
None at all.
Q11 What are your criteria for following someone?
There has to be some value for me. Maybe they are local. Maybe they listen to my show, are famous and therefor I can get unique content about them. I’ll try people out and if I like what I get I’ll stay with them – if not, they’re dropped.
Q12 What type of behaviour would make you unfollow someone?
Spam. Advertising. A lack of fun. I don’t like too much tech talk. It has to be personal, lifestyle, fun.
Q13 What tips do you have for newbies?
Be yourself and be unique. You’ll find the right group to follow and be followed by.
Q14  How do you find new people to follow (e.g. TwellowSummize, friends of friends etc)?
Recommendations, I talk about it on my radio show, google searches, and other people’s friend’s lists – I look for common interests eg radio presenters. I’ll go through their list and add their friends, hope they add me and then I can win them over to my show if they like my tweets – many do.
Q15  Qwitter – do you use it? If someone unfollows you do you reciprocate?
No and no.
Q16 If you agree that Twitter should be monetized do you have any suggestions how?
Yes.Similar to Google’s adwords. 1 tweet in 10 on the list I receive can be a relevant advert. It might be a special colour so I recognise it.
Q17  Who do you enjoy following the most?
@alanjmcgee without him, I think I would have quit in the early days. such a unique voice and just using it to have fun. I’ve had some great chats with him about music and the bands he used to manage.
Q18 How do you see the future of Twitter?
It could quite easily be used to gather radio and television audience data in a more accurate manner than used at present.


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