Bauer Media Unfair Dismissal Case

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March 28, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Here’s an interesting article from The Herald.

What interests me, and rather disappoints me, is the quote from Bauer Media at the end.

Does that strike you as something a modern, generous employer would say?
What message does it send to students and other young people who might consider a career with this company?

How does it fit with Bauer’s very successful and much admired ‘Go Think Big’ campaign and their ‘Scottish Media Academy’?

Might it be better to adopt a softer tone, accept the findings and show a willingness to bring their HR procedures up to date?

The situation referred to in the article dates back to the 90s and a time when most – but not all – radio presenters were perfectly happy to operate as freelancers.

Things are different now. And Bauer, and other media organisations with ‘academies’ to attract new talent do so with the promise of ‘a career’.

If there is no career, if there’s only casual work where people can be disposed of on a whim, if the attitude from that quote is the true attitude of the organisation, then they should be honest and say so.

If it’s not, if they are forward thinking, modern, and above all, fair, then they should consider going back to the Herald and giving them a better quote, that does them justice.

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