Keeping It Simple

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March 5, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Dollar Shave Club is often held up as an example of a business with a brilliantly simple business model.

For a dollar a month, they’ll send you razors to shave with.

No doubt, it’s brilliant and simple and it works; here’s the YouTube video where their main man Mike explains more:

A brilliant video as it gets across in a memorable and entertaining way exactly what it is they do.

Except it’s not.

The truth is, ‘Dollar Shave Club’ actually offers a range of products and various pricing options.

How different would the video be if they’d tried to explain that?

They’d have to change the name of the company. And it would become a lot less clear what they do, who they’re for and why we should care. They’d be just another company, selling razors.

When we’re competing so hard for attention, sometimes the trick is to pick one thing you want to be famous for and use it as a hook to pull people in.

In my social media and media relations training workshops, I often meet business owners who make the mistake of trying to explain everything they do. They end up with a very diluted and boring message, with appeals to no-one in particular and is instantly forgettable.

This is bad for businesses, but the same applies to individuals. Think about it next time you’re going for a job interview, or up for promotion. Are you diluting your own personal brand?

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