Daily Record Scotland Game

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March 5, 2014 by Colin Kelly

‘The only place to see the friendly with Poland, is right here on dailyrecord.co.uk’.

That’s what they’ve been saying for the last 7 days and as expected, thousands of fans fired up their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops to watch the match earlier this evening.

The audience was there, the football wasn’t.

Viewing was a frustrating experience for many, with the video stream buffering, or not playing at all.

As you’d expect, they took to the Daily Record Facebook page and comments section on the paper’s website in their droves, making their feelings known.

My favourite comments: ‘The FAILY Record’ and ‘At least you can wipe your arse with the paper!’.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 21.40.38 Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 21.40.48 Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 21.41.06

In business, you’re judged on how you react when things go wrong. Likely, the Record will spin the old line about ‘incredible demand crashing our server’ like it’s some kind of badge of honour.

And that explanation is absolutely fine.

If you’re ‘Bob’s One Man Band Plumbing Company’ and you’re planning to chuck it on Friday anyway.

It doesn’t cut it if you’re a so-called leading multi media company.

And I’m disappointed this has failed tonight because it was a bold step for the Daily Record to take and one that, had it paid off, might have helped point the way ahead for the future of the paper. Particularly with The Sun putting football highlights behind a pay wall, here was their biggest rival showing a full live match, free.

First impressions count and the Record’s claim to ‘get’ digital lies in tatters.

I feel for whoever had to handle their Twitter account during the match, in the face of fierce criticism. Is their anyone fiercer than an angry Scotland fan during a game?! Whoever it was, did their best as you’ll see below:


But what fans really want is an apology from a senior figure at the paper, a video published tonight would be best, with some form of compensation. Tricky to do when the game was free but I think fans deserve to be compensated for the time wasted and frustrations they experienced this evening.

Things can get out of control quickly on Facebook and Twitter and most worrying, is the Record’s sponsor for the coverage, Vauxhall, is also taking a huge amount of flak.

As I say in our social media training workshops, saying sorry isn’t enough, you have to actually BE sorry. And that should lead to definite action on your part, rather than just words. Good on them for trying, but having a senior figure from the paper in the building and in front of a camera tonight would have gone some way to repairing their reputation.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the Record try to claim that ‘a few people suffered some difficulties because of the demand’ or if they acknowledge failure on a bigger scale. The thing with social media is regardless of what the paper want us to think, those of us who tried to access the stream know exactly how many others found themselves in the same position.

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