The 3 Ways You Can Respond To The Social Media Revolution

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February 28, 2014 by Colin Kelly

1) Ignore it.

2) Fake it.

3) Change.

Lots of businesses ignore it. ‘It’s not for us, it’ll go away, it doesn’t work’. You can spot them because they get angry and cynical if you mention social media. Something about it hurts them. There’s a wee hint of denial in many of them.

I hope this is based on them trying it and making an informed decision rather than fear of the unknown. If you do want to investigate social media for business, this is worth a look and there’s still time to join us next Friday.

Many more businesses fake it. They’ve figured out how Twitter, Facebook etc work, spent time cultivating a following, thought about what to say and how to say it, but at their core, these businesses have the same attitudes and hierarchies they had 10 years ago. You can spot these businesses because they often have just one person ‘doing’ their social media activity or it’s restricted to the marketing or PR team.

A few businesses see this move towards ‘digital’ and ‘social’ as an opportunity to change. They become more transparent and honest, they welcome criticism, find new ways of doing things, break down barriers, treat their staff and customers better and actively use Twitter and Facebook not because they see them as marketing opportunities but because they want to be there and be part of the community. You can spot these businesses because they’ll often have everyone from the Managing Director to the receptionist actively using Twitter. They also tend to be happier and, in this current climate, more successful.

So what are you? 1, 2, or 3?

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