A Zero Tolerance Approach To Hacking

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February 22, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Earlier this week, I wrote about Kickstarter getting hacked and explained how I thought some of these technology companies are too laid back about security. They seem to treat it as a necessary evil and think they can simply say sorry, tighten things up and move on.

It shouldn’t be that simple.

As users of these services, we should force them to treat security more seriously.

A website getting hacked is like a restaurant giving everyone food poisoning.

And I’m not talking about someone guessing my password or hacking in because of my poor security.

In Kickstarter’s case, the platform itself got hacked. User names and passwords were harvested. It wasn’t the fault of any one user.

Now, I discover, Yahoo has also been attacked.

It’s not good enough and I’m continuing my pledge to immediately close my account on any internet based service that suffers a security breach like this.

So, at the time of writing I’m gone from Kickstarter and gone from Yahoo. Anytime a product I use is hacked, I will shut down my account in protest and I’d encourage others to do the same.

The best way to protect yourself is to implement 2 step verification, which Twitter, Facebook and Gmail all offer and encourage users to set up. It’s quick and easy and means if a machine you don’t normally use tries to access your account from a location you’re not normally in, you’ll be asked to enter an additional code sent to your phone, as well as your password.

It’s time this became standard and mandatory on every online platform.

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