The Wrong Audience

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February 19, 2014 by Colin Kelly

If it’s not happening for you, maybe you’re talking to the wrong audience.

It’s an easy mistake to make.

Rihanna’s audience isn’t the record buying public. Or the kids on YouTube.

It’s Dr Luke, Calvin Harris, and Stargate.

The handful of writers and producers who’re talented enough to give her a scorching hit song. If she gets the right song, she wins.

Without it, she’s old news.

If you run a factory that manufactures ladders, your audience shouldn’t be joiners, painters, builders or anyone else that might need one. It should be B+Q.

Get your ladders on display in the right place and they’ll sell plenty.

A small handful of big decision makers will determine your success or failure.

Of course, the internet provides a way round this. You can cut the middle man and move direct from the factory to the end consumer. You don’t need B+Q.

But just because you can sell direct, doesn’t mean you should.

Some products lend themselves to being bought online and shipped from anywhere. Others; we want to touch, feel, try out, and get some advice on.

Selling direct online should give you the advantage of being cheaper. But don’t assume that’s enough for people.

You need to give exceptional added value, and replicate, as closely as you can, the positive aspects of buying in store.

And that’s after you’ve got them on your site.

It might be you have to spend some of the money you save cutting out the middle man on marketing and advertising to let people know you exist.

And when you’ve spent that money, you won’t be cheaper any more.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Think about your audience, who they really are, how to reach them, and how the conversation might go.

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