Earn Your Straps

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February 18, 2014 by Colin Kelly

The problem with a lot of straplines is they’re too often used as a shortcut.

‘We want to be known for ”x” so we’ll stick a few words after our name telling everyone.’

There’s nothing wrong with that but for the words to have any meaning they need to stay in place for a very long time, an eternity in marketing terms, and cut to the core of the business.

You can say whatever you like about your business, but until people actually believe it, it’s just an empty marketing slogan.

Lots of us make the mistake of launching something new, whacking everyone over the head with it for a few days, then ditching it for something else because we didn’t get what we wanted quickly enough.

Think of the best known.

‘Every Little Helps’
‘Never Knowingly Undersold’
‘Just Do It’
‘Made In Scotland From Girders’

All many years old, and synonymous with the brands they represent. That last one means nothing, yet to the right audience, it speaks volumes.

This week, your local radio station launched a new strapline: ‘Your Music, Your Life’.

Perfectly good, but will it still be in place 10-15 years from now?

If it is, we’ll know it worked.

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