Why Terry Wogan Is The Best Radio Presenter In The World

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February 5, 2014 by Colin Kelly

9 seconds, the introduction to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’.

And Wogan talked it up on his Sunday lunchtime show last week.

‘They tell me she played the ‘OC’ last night’, he almost mumbles, emphasing the ‘O’, before pausing, just long enough for me to figure out he’s made a mistake, he’s old after all, and really meant to say, ‘The O2’. Bless him.

Then he picks up, like he’s somehow heard this thought that zipped through my head.

‘The O 2?’

Another pause.

‘O yeah.’

It’s all done almost as an afterthought, like he can’t really be arsed. But the timing is impeccable, his ‘oh yeah’ fitting snugly up against Swift’s opening line and carrying a little bite in its tone, like he’s saying ‘What is it with these crazy concert venues and their silly names!’

A master of his craft.

Throwing out these little nuggets for fun, giving the impression he’s hardly trying, and rewarding the listener who pays close attention.

Think of the lengths some go to on radio and television to come across as funny, interesting and topical, the fuss that’s made about ‘great content’. And there’s Wogan, achieving more in 9 seconds than most of his competitors manage in 4 hours.

Or an entire career.

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