The New Rules

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February 5, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Own your content.

Create it regularly across multiple platforms and in various forms.

Invest as much time and effort as you can in your own education. Lifelong learning and all that.

Think before you speak.

Then think a wee bit more.


Take risks.

Be as true to yourself and as close to your true self as you possibly can.

Respect everyone else’s privacy.

Assume your own will be betrayed and plan accordingly.

Never try to make anything ‘go viral’.

Listen more than you speak.

Help other people.

If you’re presented with an opportunity or asked to do something, say ‘yes’ and do it with 100% commitment, then figure out what’s in it for you afterwards.

Understand and appreciate that the more equal the world is, the better.

Have fun.

Question everything.

Challenge boring, complacent people hung up on hierarchies with their little offices and silly rules every chance you get.

Do the above not because you’re on some great mission to put the world right, but simply because it’s fun.

Think long term.

Above all, think for yourself.



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