Do You Reply To Unsuccessful Job Applicants?


January 24, 2014 by Colin Kelly

I’m not talking about CVs and letters being sent in on spec.

I mean a position you’ve advertised, where you’ve invited people to apply.

And they have. They’ve gone to the trouble of presenting their information and getting it to you the way you requested.

Does your business send the unsuccessful applicants a personal reply?

You should.

‘But we’re busy’ some people say.

You still should.

Facebook is busy. But it still manages to send unsuccessful job applicants a reply, and quickly too.

PR isn’t just what you say in adverts, interviews and through social media channels.

It’s actually more about how you treat people.

Whether that’s someone coming into the shop to use the toilet, the driver that just got cut up by the aggressive employee driving your van, or the graduate that wants to work with you.

5 thoughts on “Do You Reply To Unsuccessful Job Applicants?

  1. jocknroll says:

    I stopped listening to a particular radio station after they failed to acknowledge or respond to my job application. It was an advertised post. BBC also bad for failing to provide feedback for unsuccessful applicants for their various employment schemes. How are you supposed to know where you’ve gone wrong if they won’t tell you?

  2. Colin Kelly says:

    Well said jocknroll. I was looking at the ‘PR’ damage not replying can do but of course there’s a bigger issue and that is a company’s responsibility to help develop the next generation of talent. There’s a real risk if we look at radio for example, that future generations simply won’t want to work in that medium. So it’s good to see Bauer Radio with their Scottish Media Academy and now Global Radio with their new venture. However, it’s all undone if they don’t give people the courtesy of a reply, particularly when there’s been an advertised post.

  3. jocknroll says:

    I should really write my own blog on the issues I have encountered while unemployed, particularly with regard to employment agencies. I do sometimes wonder what it is they actually do! The station concerned doesn’t come under Global, Bauer or the BBC.

  4. JamesL says:

    I always make a point of sending a ‘thank you’ to anyone that helps me out during the course of the week. Working in the PR industry can be difficult enough, never mind not having the support of the event organisers, the digital guys, fellow PR’s, chefs…anyone that helps make an event a success to be honest. Plus, there’s nothing better than being recognised for your work with a simple, ‘thanks’.

    I don’t claim to be perfect, not by a long shot, but I’ll always get back to someone, be it the pushy ad sales guy, the event space that I’m never going to use or an invite to a launch that really doesn’t interest me., A simple thanks but no thanks suffices.

    Yes, you should always get back to someone who has sent you a job application, but if someone has taken the time to invite you to something or to ask you a question doesn’t this also deserve a little common courtesy? At the end of the day we’ve all got a role to play in brand image.

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