Winners and Losers

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January 17, 2014 by Colin Kelly

I was a few weeks into 1st year when I learnt 3 very important lessons.

Home Economics was followed by the morning interval and I stood there, in the English corridor, ready to eat a couple of the 6 chocolate cakes I’d just made.

No-one else was around.

‘I’ll have a couple just now’, I thought, ‘Go and play with my pals, then have the rest at lunchtime’.

I crouched down to take the box out of my school bag.

And there they were; 6 reasonably-well-made-by-my-standards-at-least chocolate crispy cakes.

I raised the first cake towards my mouth and at that moment, 5 older boys came charging through the corridor, each of them plucking a cake from the box on their way.

My head was spinning.

Bloody vultures.

What was I going to do? Tell a teacher?

‘Some big boys stole my cakes’?!

No chance.

No, instead, it was time to learn Life Lesson Number 1 – ‘Be careful where you eat your cakes’ and Life Lesson Number 2 – ‘Life isn’t fair.’

Still, at least I had one remaining chocolate crispy cake.

As I raised my hand towards my mouth, one of the vultures from before came charging back in the other direction, and yes, you guessed it, plucked the 6th and final cake from my grasp and rammed it in his mouth.


And that was where I learned Life Lesson Number 3 – ‘When you’re down, for god’s sake get up, or someone will come along and kick you’.

Those lessons were true that day at school and they’re true today in business, politics, the media, entertainment and everywhere else.

Simple facts of life.

Not the way it should be.

Just the way it is.

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