It’s Not ABout Talent.


January 14, 2014 by Colin Kelly

Or knowledge.

Or skill.

Or the quality of the production, or the way he looks.

Of course, these things all play their part.

But the world is full of good looking, highly talented DJs and producers knocking out great songs and making people dance.

The reason Avicci has a net worth estimated at 6 million dollars and commands 250,000 dollars to perform a DJ set is above all, because he understands people.

Watch this – all of it – and tell me if it doesn’t make sense.

I’ll say it again. Avicci understands people. Watch that video, hear that tune and he makes you feel something.

Same for Calvin Harris. Same for Adele.

It’s why the elite, the truly great, are able to move from music, to film to technology and wherever else they want. Art, any form of art, means understanding people.

Seth Godin talks about business being art. About life being art.

In a world where all information and knowledge is freely available a single click away, what sets you apart is how well you understand your fellow human beings and what you make them feel.

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