How Should I Describe A Group Of Females?


October 23, 2013 by Colin Kelly

I’ve just written a Facebook status update about a group of women I know.

If they were male I’d have written: ‘These guys really know what they’re doing.’

It’s an informal post, where I’m praising them for something they’ve done on social media.

So ‘guys’ seems about right.

But I didn’t feel right using that word to describe 3 women. Even though the greeter in TGI Friday’s says ‘hi guys’ when they’re talking to a mixed group, I don’t think it’s quite right for me to use ‘guys’ when I’m talking about ‘girls’.

But I don’t feel right using ‘girls’ either because, well they’re not girls. They’re women in their late 20s/early 30s that have families and run a very successful business.

‘Girls’ seems to belittle them.

But ‘women’ is overly formal and ‘young women’ (which I did end up calling them)..well, now I feel like a policeman giving a statement in court.

And I didn’t use ‘ladies’ because that makes me feel like I’m organising a Cheese and Wine night.

Any thoughts?

Female friends of mine – how do you like to be described?

2 thoughts on “How Should I Describe A Group Of Females?

  1. ‘guys’ would have been fine, as would girls or ladies… anyone bothered by any of these may just be a little uptight :D

  2. Colin Kelly says:

    thanks for the comment Lesley. Maybe I’m reading too much into the ‘equality’ debate and should just have gone with my gut feeling! But I have read a few articles where women have said they hate being called ‘girls’. Some of the terms are maybe a bit more pejorative where women are concerned.

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