Ricky Singh – Elite Personal Trainer

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October 3, 2013 by Colin Kelly

I want to wish elite personal trainer Ricky Singh all the best for the official opening of his fitness centre in Glasgow on Monday evening.

I’m hoping to make it along but with a baby due any day now that might prove problematic.

I hope Ricky understands if I don’t make it on the night but I want to tell you a bit about him here so that you can find out more about what makes his business special.

I first met Ricky a couple of years ago when he came to one of the social networking for business workshops I was running with NSDesign in Kilmarnock.

He stood out because he arrived in a branded truck, wore his branded personal training tracksuit and brought extremely high quality business cards and promotional leaflets with him. My first impression was, ‘this guy looks like a winner’.

Then I got talking to him and it became clear that he wanted to get as much as possible out of every session we ran. He gave it his all. Got involved, asked questions, and generally made a huge, positive contribution. At the end and during breaks he’d ask more and his enthusiasm was incredible.

A few months after the training, Ricky got in touch to say he wanted me to write a press release to help him get established in the West End of Glasgow. We got some good results, including an article in the Evening Times and an interview on BBC Radio Scotland. Ricky was very pleased and used the publicity as a springboard to take his business on even further.

There’s a lot your business can learn from Ricky Singh. Check him out on Twitter or Facebook, chat to him and if you need to shape up physically and mentally you won’t regret working with him. Here are a few things which I think help him stand out.

– Treat business the way an elite athlete treats their sport
Before starting his business, Ricky was a highly successful boxer. Think about the discipline, training and commitment that takes. The conditioning of his body and mind. The attitude. Imagine you had a fight on Friday night where you would end up flat on your back with your teeth out if you weren’t at your best. Now apply that same thought process to your business. That’s what Ricky does.

– First impressions count
Rightly or wrongly, our appearance is a huge factor when people experience our business for the first time. It’s worth looking as good as possible and Ricky’s investment in good looking branding (vehicle livery, business cards, promotional posters and leaflets) tells the world that he takes his business seriously and that he must be doing well. In short, he looks like a winner.

– Set goals
In business, lots of people talk a lot of rubbish. But Ricky achieves what he sets out to time after time. He delivers. He knows who to ask for help. He follows their advice, he reads books, looks at people he admires and learns from them. Every time I speak to Ricky he’s made progress compared to the last time I saw him. He talks more about how he sets goals in this video.

– No shortcuts with social media
Ricky gives his Twitter and Facebook followers real value. He’s not just trying to build a huge audience as quick as he can. He shares his expertise, listens, helps people and even promotes other businesses he admires. He puts the effort in and it’s great to see it paying off for him. He hasn’t got caught up like some businesses in trying to build a huge audience. He concentrates on getting the right people, building a tight, engaged community that actually translates into business success.

In short, Ricky Singh is always working to make his business better. He’s someone we can all learn from and I’d like to wish him all the best as he launches his new fitness centre in Glasgow.

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