Social Networking Training – Who’s It For?

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September 26, 2013 by Colin Kelly

We’ve just announced new dates for our social networking workshop at Hillington Park Innovation Centre.

Gary Ennis from NSDesign and I have been running these for more than 3 years now and last time round 100% of participants told us they considered the full day session value for money and that they’d recommend it to a friend. So we’re expecting places for these forthcoming sessions to get snapped up quickly.

We refresh the course every time we run it, ensuring it’s right up to date with the latest case studies and best practice.

But who is it actually for? If you come along, who’ll be in the room with you?

The course is aimed primarily at the small business community in Scotland. The ‘SME’ market as the officials would say.

We’re in the nice position that previous attendees have told their pals and we generally get an interesting, broad mix.

There’s the new start and sole trader market. Everyone from personal trainers, wedding photographers, B+B and guest house owners, dress designers and people from professional services sectors like recruitment, legal, administrative and marketing.

We also regularly have clients from larger companies, maybe a technology firm with half a dozen staff will send along a marketing person or business development manager, or a much larger company with dozens of staff and multiple offices will take a couple of places, get a feel for what we do and how social networking can help them, then book us for a 1-1 consultancy back at their HQ with all the staff.

So there’s a real mixture and it all creates a very interesting, positive atmosphere in the room with lots of different ideas and attitudes towards social networking. By the afternoon, the inspiration is really flying and it becomes as much about what you learn from each other as what Gary and I deliver from the front.

That’s another secret of our success. The interactive, flexible nature of the course.

You’ll learn about the risks and dangers in our ‘Social Media And The Law’ section, discover how to get more out of Linkedin, what makes a video go viral, get to grips with Pinterest, and much more including how to use Facebook and Twitter in an efficient way to get serious results for your business.

What we’re starting to notice this year is a big rise in the number of people coming to our course from academic institutions and public sector bodies. They seem to realise it’s time to embrace social networking rather than trying to resist it and those that do, are able to use the social networking training to improve their entire communications strategy, break down internal barriers and become a far more focussed and forward thinking organisation.

If you or someone you know is interested in coming along click here to get all the details and book tickets.

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