Radio 1 And Viral Videos

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August 19, 2013 by Colin Kelly

Jennifer Aniston Viral Video

The thing with viral videos is they rather lose their luster when the person behind them starts ‘explaining’ why it went viral or repeats the formula from the one he did before.

At that point, the video stops becoming ‘a happy accident’ and starts looking more like a pre-meditated bit of marketing. And people get bored.

Authenticity is king – for the Radio 1 audience more than most – and while there’s no denying this guy’s chat with Jennifer Aniston makes for an entertaining few minutes over a Kit-Kat, it’s hardly going to start a revolution.

You see, it’s been done before. By the same guy, a few months ago.

And when your last video got more than 11 million views, and the current one has so far reached 500,00 then that isn’t really viral is it?

That’s your audience falling off a cliff.

You can only play the lost little boy act once.

The whole thing about viral videos is they’re not supposed to look deliberate. Of course, everything from DollarShaveClub to Gangnam Style had a helping hand and a degree of planning behind it, but they key difference is they’re not expecting the same result twice and they’re not giving interviews about ‘how we did it.’

It’s supposed to be about being real and giving up control.

Let a listener interview Jennifer Aniston. Let Jennifer Aniston interview herself. Don’t interview Jennifer Aniston. Play Giant Jenga instead. Or what about – and this is my imagination really running riot – do a decent, in-depth interview with Jennifer Aniston where we actually find something out about her.

This is how you do it. Here’s Howard Stern devoting almost an hour of his show to an interview with Tiffani Thiessen. Well worth a listen.

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