Features not benefits


March 31, 2013 by Colin Kelly

The iPad Mini has a 7 inch screen…. Feature.
The iPad Mini fits in your handbag…. Benefit.

When you’ve got something to sell, it’s better to talk about the benefits the product brings the customer, rather than listing features.

I finally bought a Blu Ray player last month and discovered if you take a disc out halfway through, then put it back in days later, it’ll continue playing from exactly where it left off. DVDs don’t do that, and it’s a benefit of buying a Blu Ray player. Especially for the parent of a 1 year old. I never get the chance to watch a full disc in one sitting.

But it doesn’t tell you that on the box, it just lists features. Like HDMI, bit rate and something about MPEG Layer 2. I’ve no idea what that means or why I’d want it.

But here’s the best example of pointless talk of features I’ve ever seen: my mum and dad have a microwave with a sticker on the door.

‘Concave Reflex System’ it says.

10 points for anyone who can tell me what that means! I’m at a total loss.

One thought on “Features not benefits

  1. Bob Thomson says:

    Hi Colin,

    Couldn’t agree more. A lot of businesses are talking about their capabilities as opposed to what benefits their capabilities will give to the customer. I think it is a key issue with a lot of companies and is not limited to start ups and small businesses..

    By the way, ‘Concave Reflex System’ is a Daewoo technology where the waves come from the top and bottom of the microwave and a reflector spreads them around evenly.

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